You don’t have to be Vegan to eat Vegan


Featured {Vg} menu items: Plant Burgers: Frankenstein Burger, Kale Burger (dehydrated kale, chickpea, herbs, seasonings), Falafel Burger (dehydrated garbanzo beans, fava beans, fajita, garlic, seasoning), Portabella or Shitake Mushroom Burger, Beet Chick Pea Burger, Curry Chick Pea Burger, Stir Fried Rice w/Chopped Veggie Patty, No Cheese Mac & Cheese, Curry Plantain Raw (sweet ripe plantains, sun dried tomatoes and sea weed, seasoned w curry flavor served on bed of mixed greens), Hummus Raw, Grilled Cheese No  Cheese Sandwich, Patty Palm Cakes, Palm Toona Melt (hearts of palm mixed w/ sweet peppers, fennel, almond, celery, lettuce, tomato, melted cheese on bread), Zucchini Fettuccini, Broccoli Cous Cous, Salads, Soups, Cinnamon French Toast, Belgian Waffles, Sweets: Crazy Carrot Cake w/Ice Cream, Waffle Dessert, Walnut Brownie Delight, Vegan Milk Shake, Vegetable Smoothie (kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger, coconut water)

Soy Free – Wheat & Gluten Free – GMO free – Closed 3:30-5:30 Wed-Sun

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